Devlog: Litte box of joy

So, I’ve spent the last few days sorting through the mess in my project and rolling back to an earlier state from my trusty git repo. Gotta admit, the motivation’s been taking a hit with all the rewiring and development work looming ahead. But you know what? Today was a different story. Managed to wrap up all those loose ends and finally jumped back into the development phase where the real fun is. Feels awesome to just let loose and work on some simple, quirky mechanics again.

I was just thinking about my Reddit thread asking for ideas about indoor stealth mechanics. Instantly, my brain went, “the Box!” Seriously, the simplest and coolest idea. Spent about an hour or so putting it all together: rough animations, particle effects, an Ability class, and the interaction event that kicks it all off. And guess what? It’s like the perfect little chunk of joy.

Found the fun!

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